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Active Diversions – Ultimate, Flag Football Co-Ed Recreation.

Active Diversions Website 2009

Active Diversions Website 2009

Orangeville, Ontario had a requirement for additional Co-Ed Adult recreational sports leagues for the Spring and Summer.  Darryn Stevenson and Katrina Lawson decided to take this need and turn it into a business and have started Active Diversions.  Active Diversions offers Ultimate Frisbee, Flag Football and Beach Volleyball leagues currently to any Orangeville and Surrounding area residents interested in some fun, active outdoor activity. was created as a multi-function website with several goals:

  1. Promote the business and activities to the community.
  2. Provide information to prospective participants.
  3. Collect registrations via form submissions and also provide a downloadable alternative.
  4. Provide general information, rules, standings and stats for participants and teams.

Their new website meets all of these goals and will continue to be a driving force for this new startup recreation sport site.

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