Using PPC to Help Your SEO – Part 1


Note: This is a re-post of my latest SEO Blog post for (June 10th, 2009):

PPC & SEO Working TogetherFor many businesses, pay-per-click campaigns make good sense. The core concept is simple: pay top dollar to get top ranking, and the more you pay the more traffic you receive (I realize I’m over-simplifying here). On the other hand, organic search optimization (a.k.a. SEO) is more abstract and technical (not to mention time-consuming), and because of this many marketers opt to ignore SEO and focus only on PPC.You can also use PPC to buy soundcloud plays for your channel.

In this two part blog post I’ll share some thoughts on how PPC and SEO can work together to better optimize your search strategies and improve the success of both streams.

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New Site Launch! – Active Diversions

Screen shot 2011-06-02 at 10.55.42 AM
Active Diversions Website 2009

Active Diversions Website 2009

Orangeville, Ontario had a requirement for additional Co-Ed Adult recreational sports leagues for the Spring and Summer.Darryn Stevenson and Katrina Lawson decided to take this need and turn it into a business and have started Active Diversions.  Active Diversions offers Ultimate Frisbee, Flag Football and Beach Volleyball leagues currently to any Orangeville and Surrounding area residents interested in some fun, active outdoor activity.

More information about or go directly to the new activediversions site here!

Sitemaps – the good, the bad and the crawled

Note: This is a re-post of my latest SEO Blog post for

XML Sitemaps

Sitemaps are essential to creating a successful site from both a usability perspective and (of course) a search engine perspective. Implementing an HTML sitemap is a relatively simple task for any Web site, but the implementation of an XML sitemap (the standard sitemap’s cooler, more important big brother) is a trickier proposition and if it’s set up incorrectly, it could actually be detrimental to your rankings.

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Redirects and SEO – The Right and the Wrong…

A redirect is a way to automatically push Web-site visitors from one Web page to another. It’s most often used when changing the information architecture of a site (i.e., moving a page from one spot to another, or removing a page and redirecting anyone who has bookmarked it to a new relevant page), or when moving content between domains (i.e., moving a white paper from your blog site to your corporate site).

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Blog Action Day 2008! Poverty – Articles worth reading…

Each year, many in the blogging community post together to increase awareness for a common cause. This year the cause is Poverty. Will be talking about how to setup a blog and much more in this post. Since I love lists and don’t have a bunch of time to actually research and write an article of my own, I figured I’d provide a list of some articles worth reading related to fighting Poverty (and promoting Conservation, Sustainabilty etc. in the process):

Link Building – Art Imitating SEO

Monday, 28 July 2008

Top Ten ListsI’m a huge fan of top 10 lists of all types from the classic Letterman to the modern Digg meme posts. So today I’ve compiled a list of some of the key points to consider when promoting link building for your site. The interesting “Art Imitating Life (or SEO)” bit here is that lists tend to be one of the Affiliate Network and more successful viral techniques for link building…which brings me to my Link Building List – and just to be different it’s a Top 11:
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WordPress vs Joomla : Prologue


In the interest of trying to add some minor relevance to my blog posts (this is supposed to be a Web Dev blog as well as a Personal Blog…..we’ll debate the intelligence of this choice some other time), I’ve decided to create a few posts on the pros and cons of two amazing Open Source CMS/Blogging applications: WordPress and Joomla.

This first post will be basically an introduction to my criteria and my experiential background that is leading me to write these posts…..

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Google Gives Newspapers Shot in Arm With Ad Service…And this article mentions us (Hot Banana) in the same breath as Google

Google is expanding the size and scope of its newspaper advertising program to include users of its AdWords service. In the immediate term, the expansion will increase the number of marketers using Google’s Print Ads service. In the long run, the move could help meld the once-disparate audiences to create even larger efficiencies of scale.

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Speaking at CFUnited 2007

CFUnited 2007 Logo
I had the pleasure of speaking at this years CFUnited (ColdFusion) show. Unfortunately though, I also had to work our booth for the remainder of my time at the show (3 days). Actually, the show was pretty fun and it was great seeing a bit of Washington with my co-worker Jeff. Highlights of the non-CFUnited portions of the trip:

  • Sushi and lots of Saki with Charles and Ali from Johns Hopkins
  • Lost in a downpour at the Washington Zoo (Watch for attacking Tamarins and serenading teens)
  • The eerie-coolness of the Washington Mall on a warm-rainy night.
  • The powerful experience (much deeper than I would have thought) of actually seeing things like the Korean, WW1, WW2 and Vietnam memorials and the Washington Monument.
  • Interview with a Stalker…(I’d explain, but then I’d have to kill you)

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Training Johns Hopkins?

Yikes, so I’m here in the Radisson in downtown Baltimore in preparation for my training at Johns Hopkins University (yes ”that” Johns Hopkins) tomorrow. I’m actually training some of their marketing team how to leverage our software in order to target marketing goals….Active Marketing.

The plane ride was interesting, a twin-prop, 40 seater with a penchant for hitting turbulance. Was kinda fun though. I’m going to check out the Baltimore Aquarium tomorrow evening after training (and stress, and caffeine).