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Ok, so this next post is covering Monday through Wednesday – chock-full of stuff that is interesting to us and our family and maybe noone else. 😆 (yes I did use a smiley there…).


  • Sal and I woke up early and walked to Starbucks in the fog for a coffee and some “us” time. A great way to start the day in Victoria.
  • At noon we jumped on the “Ocean Magic” tour boat for a 3.5 hour whale watch. It was so much cooler than we were expecting (we would have been happy to see just a single whale). We ended up seeing a pod of about 6 or 7 Transient Orcas, a Humpback whale and a whole lot of Sea Lions and Harbour Seals.
  • On the way back we stopped at “Mile 0” of the Trans-Canada (the end of which is in St.Johns Newfoundland) and the Terry Fox memorial.
  • We had a nice dinner with Irena and her roomates at their house and then enjoyed a wood-fire in the fireplace before crashing for the night.


  • We jumped on the bus to Vancouver around 9am. The trip was about 3 hours long which included a long ferry trip between Vancouver island and the mainland. The ferry trip was pretty neat and Sally and I spent most of it on the top outside deck hoping to catch one last glimpse of a whale (to no avail).
  • We arrived in Vancouver, took a taxi to the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver (our friend Greg offered us a killer deal for staying there for the night) and checked in with all of its swankiness.
  • We quickly dropped off our stuff and walked down to the harborfront and breakwall. Vancouver is yet another really beautiful city… We actually made it from the hotel to Stanley Park (we only just walked into it and saw the outskirts) and back on that walk which is a fairly long jaunt.
  • That evening we got together with 2 friends of mine from High School, one of which I haven’t seen in probably 14+ years and the other for at least 10. We hung out at this trendy bar/restaurant called Subeez which was great and then after dinner we continued on to Morrisey’s Pub (good beer and alternative music which is a great mix) for a few hours.


  • We woke up early and ran down to the Vancouver Aquarium for a quick tour. The Sea Otters, White-sided Dolphins and Beluga whales were amazing to watch and I tried to take a few videos of them in action. We ran in and out in about an hour after which we had to rush back to the hotel, check-out and then catch a cab to the bus station to connect with our bus to Seattle.
  • The Seattle Bus was alright but long (about 4 hours) and the customs check was a bit of a pain in the butt. The agent gave us a bit of hard time for not having a return flight ticket out of the US and basically asked us to prove that we were going to leave the country at some point. After a few minutes of us scrambling for extra ID, addresses etc. he let us through…A bit of a power trip I’m guessing. Either way, not a big deal and we were on our way in no time.
  • We arrived in Seattle, picked up our train tickets to L.A. (they ended up calling out bluff and I didn’t pass for a highschool student – we still got a deal but had to pay a few dollars more – had to try either way)
  • I called around for a Hotel close to downtown and we settled in quickly. We went to dinner and then up the Space Needle (for the tourist fix). The Needle was ok but a little under-whelming ultimately.

More updates coming when I can…I’m also going to be adding all of my photos (and videos hopefully) to the gallery application (that can integrate with WordPress) at the following address: