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147.jpgThis is going to be a quick update since it is 11pm PST which means 2am EST (which means I’m one tired and minorly jet-lagged person).

Here’s a synopsis of the first 2 days:

  • We left the house at 6am for our 9:30 flight. I had checked us in Online the night before and when we got to the airport (terminal 3) we had our bags checked and were through security in about 20 minutes…leaving us a bunch of time to sit around before the flight.  I pulled out the camera early on to start taking pics but realized that I had forgotten to charge the battery the night before….so I resorted to taking some low-quality shots with my cell-phone (gotta love technology).
  • 132.jpgFlight left on time and was a fairly uneventful 5+ hour trip. Coolest part was the fact that the WestJet plane had satellite tv’s attached to the back of each seat. Apparently there was a crazy headwind since we left on time but actually ended up about 15mins late landing.
  • Our Friend Irena picked us up at the airport and we drove into Victoria (mountains in full view…).
  • 134.jpgWe checked out the local Fisherman’s Wharf where we actually saw 3 sea lions begging for fish right at the dock (raining a little already at this point).
  • Checked out Downtown Victoria and the harbour – some cool old architecture, The Empress Hotel etc.
  • 153.jpgTook a “Haunted Tour” of downtown Victoria that first night since Victoria is supposed to be one of the most haunted towns in Canada (something about Indian burial grounds….isn’t it always?). Kinda spooky either way.
  • Crashed very hard about 11pm (initial time-change lag)
  • 192.jpgThis morning we woke up early to take the Ferry to the Gulf Islands…Galiano to be specific. The island was beautiful (even the ferry ride was great) with beautiful vistas and lush wildlife everywhere. We hiked up to the highest point on the island where you can get a huge panoramic view of a big chunk of the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island.
  • Tomorrow we are going Whale Watching with a world famous local tour company. We spoke with them tonight and they told us that a group today had found the 3 local Orca pods together at the same time – That is about 90 Killer whales together in the same area at the same time…pretty crazy stuff. I’d be happy to see just a few whales, but 90? Yikes.

I’ll try and update soon and post more pictures….