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We are leaving on our “West Coast Epic” tomorrow morning and I just checked the weather in Victoria (our first destination)…. it’s not looking great:

Victoria Weather 09-21-07

Not that we really care too much about the weather when we are out there, I hope it doesn’t rain the entire time…

Not to mention it’s a lot cooler than I expected (doesn’t Victoria only get down to like 5-6 Celcius in the dead of winter?).  Either way we are as excited as can be (and tired as hell considering how busy the last few weeks have been at work and home) and can’t wait to be on the road (erm Plane).

The only stress point for us now is taking Fionn to the farm to stay with his family for the 2 weeks we are away.  We know he is in capable hands, will be fine and will love every minute of hanging out with his fellow canines.

I’ll try and update things here on a relatively regular basis during the trip – posting photos and some stories as connections and time (and motivation) allow.