West Coast Epic – The Next 3 Days

Ok, so this next post is covering Monday through Wednesday – chock-full of stuff that is interesting to us and our family and maybe noone else. :lol: (yes I did use a smiley there…).


  • Sal and I woke up early and walked to Starbucks in the fog for a coffee and some “us” time. A great way to start the day in Victoria. Continue Reading

West Coast Epic – The First 2 Days

147.jpgThis is going to be a quick update since it is 11pm PST which means 2am EST (which means I’m one tired and minorly jet-lagged person).

Here’s a synopsis of the first 2 days:

  • We left the house at 6am for our 9:30 flight. I had checked us in Online the night before and when we got to the airport (terminal 3) we had our bags checked and were through security in about 20 minutes…leaving us a bunch of time to sit around before the flight.  I pulled out the camera early on to start taking pics but realized that I had forgotten to charge the battery the night before….so I resorted to taking some low-quality shots with my cell-phone (gotta love technology).
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Ok, so we might be in for some weather….

We are leaving on our “West Coast Epic” tomorrow morning and I just checked the weather in Victoria (our first destination)…. it’s not looking great:

Victoria Weather 09-21-07

Not that we really care too much about the weather when we are out there, I hope it doesn’t rain the entire time…

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WordPress vs Joomla : Prologue


In the interest of trying to add some minor relevance to my blog posts (this is supposed to be a Web Dev blog as well as a Personal Blog…..we’ll debate the intelligence of this choice some other time), I’ve decided to create a few posts on the pros and cons of two amazing Open Source CMS/Blogging applications: WordPress and Joomla.

This first post will be basically an introduction to my criteria and my experiential background that is leading me to write these posts…..

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