Look Ma! I broked the site….

Under Construction SignYes folks, in me rush to move the site and blog around – or more specifically mash the two of them together (not so Web 2.0-like). I’ve broke some paths to files / links / pages etc.  Nothing major, just the important stuff like images and css…..

 So, please bear with me over the next little bit as I try and fix what I broke (in my spare time between 12am and 12:15am each day).

West Coast Epic – The Trip

So we are finally doing a trip this year. We’ve been wanting to do something fun and semi-epic for a while now and this September is the time. We have been meaning to do a trip like this but have always stumbled on many factors including money. Now money is always an issue, but it is less of one now (or at least we are worrying about it less now).

We are planning a West Coast of North America whirlwind: Basically hitting 6-8 Cities in just over 10 days, including Victoria, Vancouver, Seattle, LA and Vegas. We are flying out of YYZ (Toronto Pearson International Airport) in the morning of September 22nd and returning sometime (probably on a flight from Vegas to Toronto) on Thanksgiving weekend (October 6-8th). It’s gonna be tight for time, fast, furious and fun as hell. 

I have a Google Map created to outline our destinations: Continue Reading

Facebook is a lot more interesting than I thought….

Facebook ZombieI signed up for Facebook a few months ago on a whim. I didn’t really have any plans on using it, liking it or being completely consumed by it….
I was likening it to the god-awful MySpace junk that is constantly being created and had absolutely no desire to get involved in it.

Much to my surprise, Facebook has turned out to be nothing like MySpace and everything a Social Networking site should be:
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